Spring Writing Workshop @ Shecosystem

Dig deeper, go further, get more out of your writing. Join us – Jacqui Markowitz and Janis Seftel from The Jam Press – for an intensive workshop that takes a deep look at your writing. Experience what it is like to work with Janis and Jacqui, as we collaborate to bring out

The world of a writing coach

“What do you do at The Jam Press?” (Ah, the number one question). “We help first-time authors to get their book out into the world. As writing coaches, we also provide creative writing workshop services for writers who want a customized approach to workshopping their writing.” (Sums it up, yes?)

What does it take

  Recently I had a conversation with a young couple both trying to make a go of independent careers. They had lots of excuses and doubt and desire. The money is not consistent. It’s hard to get clients. How long can they sustain this?  As I thought about their dilemma,

Renovate your writing

  I’ve just finished a renovation in my house. It all started when the dishwasher broke, then the fridge… I think you can guess the rest of this story. I ended up replacing the kitchen and the hall closet, and then, bit-by-bit, pretty much changing the entire main floor. The

Starting the year at Shecosystem

For our small and many-hatted team at The Jam Press, one of the delights of our job as writers and writing coaches is when we actually meet in person for intensive, inspiring planning sessions. Writing is mostly a solitary exercise, as is editing, crafting press releases, contacting vendors and reviewing

National Post Pick for Mother’s Day

This Mother’s Day weekend National Post Books picked Conversations for Two as one of five excellent new works of fiction to give your mom on her special day! Bonus: it’s a great gift for any day, for anyone who loves a beautiful novel. We’re pleased to be in such good company!

Our afternoon at Type Books

On the first day of May we packed the Forest Hill location of Type Books to host a reading with Jacqueline from her book Conversations for Two. The conversation was flowing and the support for such a beautiful story was there in spades. Thanks to all who attended that afternoon,

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