About us


The Jam Press will help you find your voice and share your story. We provide a platform for you to work with professionals on any aspect of your craft. We all have a story. What’s yours?


Have you always wanted to do a creative writing workshop, but would prefer to work directly with an instructor than in a group setting? Are you seeking a private consultation environment to delve into the stories from your past, and need some assistance in organizing multiple stories and anecdotes? We are skilled at customizing a friendly, warm and dependable environment for you to hone your voice and cultivate your style of writing, while staying true to the soul of the writing which you bring to us. This part of our services can be for the pure joy of developing your writing, or with a longer goal of turning it into a book.


If you have a manuscript, whether you worked on it with us from the beginning or it’s fully formed already, we offer intensive editorial support to make substantive decisions in terms of structure, chapter format, narrative arc, characterization and more. We can work with you through any stage of book development and can help you with publishing as well.


Every book needs a champion. The Jam Press can design a communications strategy based on your needs, your goals in terms of an online presence and your desire to pursue avenues for marketing. We make sure that your brand and your book are cohesive and genuine. We can work with you to launch your book, create a fabulous event, build relationships with readers and bloggers, and help you network with independent retailers.

Jacqueline Markowitz

Executive Director / Consultant / Author

Jacqueline Markowitz is a writer and creative producer with a background in film, visual art and advertising. She wrote her manuscript on and off for ten years, ultimately choosing to publish independently in order to be a part of the creative process. Her now-published book, Conversations for Two, inspired the development of The Jam Press. Jacqueline knows how it feels to own your writing. Her joy in independently publishing Conversations for Two can be a reality for future authors.

“I think there are a lot of authors like me, who are looking for a hands-on approach to writing and publishing.”

 Jacqui is in a unique position to share her journey of writing and publishing with writers who have a dream to write and even publish their book. Jacqueline is available for interviews, literary events, conferences and book clubs.

Janis Seftel

Editor and Consultant

Janis Seftel is a freelance publishing consultant who focuses on project management, editorial A-Z and building an author’s public platform. She has worked independently as well as for an agency and for various publishing industry organizations. The most important thing for a writer starting their publishing journey is to be listened to and provided with options that suit their specific needs. Together with Jacqui, Janis brings research and insight into developing a project plan that fits the author’s vision.

“The process between editor and writer is a bit like shining a flashlight in a dark cave. What lies directly ahead? What is there yet to encounter? We take the journey of the book together and bit by bit, we decipher what needs to be done to take us into the light.” Jacqueline’s interview with The Editing Company

We also offer:

Workshops/salons for your writing group
Discussions and Q&A’s with your book club
Speaking at literary festivals and events

To contact us, email info [at] thejampress [dot] com.