Talking about writing, author to author




Last weekend, Conversations for Two author Jacqui Markowitz chatted with John Moscowitz, author of Evolution of an Unorthodox Rabbi (Dundurn Press) in a session at Limmud Toronto, an inclusive and innovative conference focusing on a variety of aspects of Jewish thought, culture and identity. This year’s event brought over 700 people to St Andrews Club & Conference Centre in downtown TO; Limmud has been organized in this city since 2009, and globally since the 1970s.

Jacqui and John were brought into the programme due to their ideas around writing and memory from a Jewish perspective, and for the community to learn more about their book publishing journeys. They have a wonderful rapport and banter and are able to engage each other on both the serious and the lighthearted. John’s book, a collection of speeches and articles written over a number of years, is very much tied to contemporary Jewish life and burning issues, whereas Jacqui’s, a novel, hints at an undercurrent of themes associated with a culturally Jewish upbringing and the related significance of family, memory, grieving and storytelling. Their session on the morning of March 6 brought out a spectrum of participants – literary fans, aspiring writers, history/memory aficionados, and people who simply wanted a thought-provoking conversation about how life influences art.

Thanks to everyone who joined in!