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With The Jam Press, authors have the opportunity to work with a phenomenal team that will guide them through any aspect of their writing journey, or manage the entire project from consulting to publishing to promotion.

I never dreamt of writing a book. And, then one day, the story came to my front door. It’s true! You’ll have to read my book, Conversations for Two, to find out what happened. I knew deep inside that I had to tell this story. It took me over ten years, three full re-writes, editing, editing, editing, and eventually finding the right people to help me bring my vision to life.

The result was a beautiful book, and lots of practical knowledge and experience. Not only did I give birth to my book, but The Jam Press was born as well.

I believe so strongly in telling our stories, and now I know how to help you achieve your vision, whether it’s writing for the sake of writing, collecting your thoughts, sharing a unique story and publishing your book.

Are you an aspiring writer, blogger, or the person who can’t live without your journal?

Are you dipping your toes into writing a book and wondering where it might go?

Or are you so close to finishing your book, but just don’t know how to cross the finish line?

Perhaps you are looking for a roadmap for your book journey.

The Jam Press will help you find your voice and share your story.

Here’s what one of our clients said about working with us!

Writing with Jacqui and Janis reminds me of favourite teachers – the ones who see your potential and guide you gently but firmly towards your best work. I am a better writer courtesy of their respectful, professional and engaged consultative approach.”
– Julie Schwartz, client


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